One Week into Toronto

Yes, it has officially been one week since I made the move to Toronto, Canada for four months for study abroad. I have had such a busy week exploring and discovering Toronto, there has never been a dull moment. Even the late night trip to IKEA after our long flight for bedding and towels was fun - it's all part of the experience.

I have decided to create my own '1 second a day' video project while I'm here, but obviously I can't show you that until I have been here for all the 117 days. So until then, I'm going to be uploading vlogs on my YouTube channel (hopefully weekly!), blogging about what I discover in Canada here on and sharing tidbits (or timbits lol) on my Instagram @copperpink as well. So if you would like to keep up with my journey in Toronto these are the places to look!

I have my induction for my course tomorrow morning, and then classes start next Tuesday. But for the past week I've just been living life, making friends and adventuring - so here's one photo a day from my first week in Toronto.

Tuesday Aug 22nd

Tuesday was the day I flew to Canada. This is the first time I have ever travelled outside of Europe, so it was my longest flight and I was so so excited. I met Linzi who I will be living with in Toronto - she's 10/10. And we met a nice Canadian on the flight who offered us a 'chip' (crisps) and asked us what a Galaxy Ripple was. It was fun.

When we arrived, a late night trip to IKEA to buy bedding, towels and kitchen equipment took place before crashing after a long day. You can view this in probably more exciting video form in my first vlog about moving to Canada on YouTube.

Wednesday August 23rd

My first full day in Toronto began with me waking up wide awake and ready to go at 7am which isn't too bad for jet lag. Linzi and I went for a grocery shop and treated ourselves to our first ever Tim Horton's - I had an iced coffee and a s'mores donut which is amazing (I have now also tried Timbits don't worry).

We then headed to our university campus where we met our international student advisor Rebecca who is super lovely and so helpful. We also met a couple of other international students on campus who we then went for a walk with down to nearby Lake Ontario which I believe is the 13th biggest lake in the world. That's Tora and Christin in the photo there - what a couple of fab gals.

Thursday August 24th

Linzi, Tora, Christin and I spent Thursday exploring downtown Toronto for the first time, where we walked along Queen St noticing vintage shops and independent boutiques, concept stores as well as cafes and restaurants. We accidentally came across China town and ended up in the Eaton Shopping Centre to pick up a few last bits of bedding we needed. I thought Edinburgh was a big city but Toronto has completely taken my breath away with its size. I'm so glad I have four months to explore it.

On Thursday I bought a pair of high waisted denim shorts from vintage shop Public Butter as I brought no shorts with me as I didn't realise how hot it would be here! I packed jumpers for winter but kind of forgot it's still summer oops.

Friday August 25th 

Friday was an extremely busy day but I had such a good time! Humber (my university here) organised a trip to visit the CNE which is the Canada National Exhibition and is a massive annual fayre to celebrate the end of summer. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. There were fairground rides, a massive food court where I tried poutine for the first time (chips, cheese curds and gravy - a Canadian classic) and also CHEESECAKE ON A STICK, a farm, a gaming area, dog shows, acrobatic and ice skating shows, markets and a butter sculpture of the Canadian Prime Minister - Justin Trudeau. Yes, there really was everything.

Vlog of the CNE coming to da YouTube this Friday!

Saturday August 26th

Saturday was a day to rest. I finally unpacked everything (only took me four days) and cleaned all of my bedroom so it's a lot more homely now. The past few days had worn me out a little bit so it was nice to take a day just to chill and get stuff sorted that needed to be done. However, being the party animal that I am (that's a joke) we decided to try out a local bar nearby for a few drinks in the evening. I loved the gin. And I loved the massive jenga. And maybe it was the gin, or maybe it was the jenga, but I felt so grateful and blessed this night in particular. Just sitting back and taking a moment to realise I am actually in Toronto and I will be here for the next four months. It really is amazing. I'm going to make the most of it and I hope I can share my experiences with you all through blogging, vlogging and Instagram to show you what Toronto has to offer and maybe inspire you to visit yourself or to try study abroad wherever you want to go.

Emosh. I'll stop now.

Sunday August 27th

Sunday was when I started editing my second vlog and made a game plan for this vlogging thing. More groceries were bought, and more life getting stuff sorted out was done. Linzi and I took a walk down to Lake Ontario again at night to see the Toronto skyline all lit up. That was another moment of 'oh my gosh I'm in Toronto like I'm actually here living here what am I doing I'm so lucky I feel so blessed I love life' and it really does put things into perspective. I'm currently trying to practice gratitude daily as well as open my mind even more to new ideas and practices for personal development and I hope that will weave its way into my online content.

Monday August 28th

I have so many photos from Monday when we took a trip to the Toronto Islands which reside in Lake Ontario. I find it amazing that these pretty big islands with such beautiful nature and scenery exist in the middle of a big city with the Toronto Skyline just a 10 minute ferry ride away. I'll probably post more photos in a separate post because they will honestly take your breath away. Or they did mine at least. JUST LOOK AT THAT SUNSET.

I'm sure I could go on and on about the past week, but I'll leave it here for now. A vlog of the CNE is coming this Friday so make sure to subscribe on YouTube and turn post notifications on if you fancy. I am so grateful to be in Toronto and I am so excited to for all the new experiences I'm going to have. I hope I can do the beautiful city justice through my photos and videos and share what I get up to with you. If you have any questions, advice or recommendations on where to go and what to do (or eat) please let me know!

I shall see you over on YouTube on Friday fronds 🌴

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