Tumble dried towels. That fluffy, chilled, cosy, relaxed, content feeling of freshly tumble dried towels. That's exactly what this month's work in progress playlist reminds me of. And is exactly the feeling I'm trying to achieve on a regular basis in Canada. I have now been in Toronto for a whole month for study abroad, and I am quite surprised at how much homesickness has hit me.

Homesickness, Stress and Drifting from Friends - Tumble Dried Towels Mixtape

Hola amigos.

Another Friday, another vlog. Can you believe I've actually managed to stick to this routine for a whole four weeks?? Pretty insane isn't it. Proud of myself.

VLOG | My Week in Bruises | Powerlifting and Lil Yachty

Hey friends, it's Friday once more. I had so much trouble trying to save this vlog it's been ridiculous - like 2am last night ridiculous. BUT it's now up and I'm actually pretty happy with it. After being unsure how I was going to piece this week's footage into anything, it turned out quite alright. This is my first foray into fitness related video content, showing you my best post-gym leg stretch routine after a short vlog about my 15km hike at Rattlesnake Point Conver- Conservation Trail, just over an hour outside of Toronto.

VLOG | My Best Post-Gym Leg Stretch Routine and a 15km Hike in Canada

Hey hey friends, it's that fun time of the week again - vlog Fridays (I've made it two weeks so far this is a very good start). Hoping to share my travels in Toronto with you along the way, I quite enjoy this week's vlog, however in future I would like to make them slightly longer - about 6-8 minutes probably - and with more of me speaking to the camera.

VLOG | Corn Dogs and Cheesecake on a Stick at the Canada National Exhibition

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