VLOG | Corn Dogs and Cheesecake on a Stick at the Canada National Exhibition

Hey hey friends, it's that fun time of the week again - vlog Fridays (I've made it two weeks so far this is a very good start). Hoping to share my travels in Toronto with you along the way, I quite enjoy this week's vlog, however in future I would like to make them slightly longer - about 6-8 minutes probably - and with more of me speaking to the camera.

Like most creative pursuits and even non-creative pursuits, you only discover what you like and dislike by trying. As a perfectionist, this can mean it takes me forever to finally stick all the video clips together as I procrastinate by worrying it won't be that good. This way of thinking is however very silly. So even though I wish this video was a little longer and had more speaking, I'll know now to do that for the next one. I hope you enjoy my little video, I had a lot of fun on the day of the Canada National Exhibition as well as filming and editing this piece. Let me know what you think in the comments! (refresh the page if they aren't showing)

See you soon friends.

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