VLOG | My Best Post-Gym Leg Stretch Routine and a 15km Hike in Canada

Hey friends, it's Friday once more. I had so much trouble trying to save this vlog it's been ridiculous - like 2am last night ridiculous. BUT it's now up and I'm actually pretty happy with it. After being unsure how I was going to piece this week's footage into anything, it turned out quite alright. This is my first foray into fitness related video content, showing you my best post-gym leg stretch routine after a short vlog about my 15km hike at Rattlesnake Point Conver- Conservation Trail, just over an hour outside of Toronto.

I am planning to include more fitness content into my blog and vlogs as it has recently become an important part of my life, so if there is anything in particular you'd like me to cover or any questions you have please do let me know and I'm sure I'll be able to whip up something!

Thank you so much if you are a regular blog reader or vlog watcher or even an Instagram liker - it honestly means the world to me. And if I can help one person or even make one person laugh or smile just for a second, then I'm more than happy.

See you soon friends,

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