VLOG | My Week in Bruises | Powerlifting and Lil Yachty

Hola amigos.

Another Friday, another vlog. Can you believe I've actually managed to stick to this routine for a whole four weeks?? Pretty insane isn't it. Proud of myself.

This week is more of a lengthy sit-down (or lie-down) and talk vlog, so if that's what you like in a video, you're in for a treat. And if it's not, or if you're not that interested in fitness, I've put in a caption telling you when to skip so you don't have to watch all 11 minutes. You're welcome.

After a week with some stress and low periods, the highlights of powerlifting, Caked Up and Lil Yachty definitely made me feel a whole lot better. As always, please like and subscribe to stay updated for future weekly vlogs. Lots of love to you all.

See you soon, have a fabulous day,


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