Kesha Rainbow Tour Review - I'm Proud of Who I Am

"I promise to commit my life fighting for equal human rights for everyone. That is my new life mission." - Kesha

Living in the UK, I never thought I would get the chance to see one of my childhood favourite American artists live. So when Kesha announced her Rainbow tour in August, her first since 2013 preceding her legal battle with her producer, I hunted online for a ticket like the savage fangirl that I proudly am. Unfortunately, at that time she had no UK dates announced. My heart sunk. But then I realised that, fortunately, I would be living in Canada in less than a month's time. And lo and behold, Kesha was touring in Toronto on October 16th. I bought my ticket that same day.

Enter on stage the one and only motherfucking woman herself - Kesha - singing her new power anthem, yes, Woman. The atmosphere was set. Rainbow the album is a mixture of songs about keeping hope through hard times, and then coming out even stronger on the other side. It was clear that the focus for the night was on the latter subject. And that there would still be a little glitter from her previous songs. Yas Kesha slayyyy (you have no idea how many times I heard this phrase shouted from the crowd.)

Kesha told us all to say "fuck you" to people who have hurt us and people who are mean to us and don't accept us for who we are – don’t apologise for being yourself. “I’m proud of who I am” is an emotional lyric that sticks with me in her new single "Praying". But Kesha has always believed in this message, for example in We R Who We R with "you know we're superstars, we are who we are."

Amongst her new tracks, Kesha did perform some older popular songs such as We R Who We R. But what made them even better than before was that she remixed and adapted them all to her new style. To me, this said that she was always there in her old music even though her image was perhaps slightly controlled to fit in with mainstream media and that she is still proud and grateful for it and all her supportive fans. But now she is back fresh, stronger and with more freedom to experiment with her style and do what she personally enjoys. And that makes for one incredible performance.

Praying was phenomenal. I can't really say too much right now about how strongly I relate with this song for personal reasons. But I do. And I know there are thousands of others who also do. And that makes me feel a lot less alone. And that's such a comforting feeling. Thank you Kesha.

Rainbow is the album name and is also a song which I think deserves a lot more praise. Kesha wrote this with just a small keyboard while she was in rehab. It was a promise to herself that things would get better and that she would pull through this low point in her life, through her medium of music. If you ever feel so low that the thought of holding onto hope any longer seems too hard, this is the song you need to listen to.

And to end, the first track off Rainbow - Bastards. A song I have really resonated with the past few months. It's about not letting people who are mean to you for the sake of being mean get you down. It's about not wasting time trying to figure out why some people act how they do (whether that's being mean, ghosting or just being a dick in general). We will never understand or change those people's views and behaviours. It's not our responsibility and we shouldn't have to deal with that sort of negativity. I can't understand why some people who were once in my life have acted the way that they did. But I can't spend any more time trying to figure out why they did what they did. We just have to focus on looking forward and being the best version of ourselves we can.

Live your life for yourself and the people who truly care about you. And then you have a chance of experiencing happiness, without being held back by the people who let you down. Once you accept you cannot change everyone's attitude, and once you let go of this thought, that's when you can truly focus on yourself and your best future. And once you can do that, in time, great things will come your way. And great people, too.

Thank you to Kesha, for one of the most thought provoking and uplifting performances which has reignited my hope of a childlike optimistic perspective view on the world and the people in it.

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