The $10 Winter Coat from Black Market Vintage

Winter coats and I have never been the best of friends. Every year I mentally prepare myself for the long and tiring quest that is hunting down the perfect winter coat. And every year I visit the same high street stores, independent retailers, second-hand shops and online brands multiple times and ever year I end up buying nothing. No coat has ever felt quite right, and when coats can be expensive and a long-term investment, I want to make sure I make it a good one that will actually last for at least a few years.

Photos by Tóra Johannesen

Last year I didn't even buy a winter coat because I couldn't decide on one. I just continued to layer up the sweaters and scarves all winter until spring. So, when the time came again this year to hunt down the perfect winter coat in Canada, where temperatures can dip to -4.5°C and feel even colder with winds in December, I knew I'd better get looking - and fast.

Because I want to save most of my money in Toronto to spend on food (lol), I really wanted to find a cheap - but warm - coat. So my first stop was a vintage shop on Queen St West, where many independent stores can be found, called Black Market. Black Market is a popular second-hand and vintage shop in Toronto. It has an insane amount of items, an in-store barber shop and is in a great location. But what is probably Black Market's most attractive selling point is that all items are $10 or less. All items. And for UK readers, that is £5.95. This is excluding 13% tax, but holy moly $10 for everything?? So yes, my winter coat for this year was $10 or $11.13 including tax. That's £6.62 in total.

Meandering amongst the busy racks, what caught my eye was a subtle glint of shimmer. Then, I saw soft brown fur. Not having high expectations due to my previous pickiness when it comes to coats, I reached down just to take a quick look. And when I saw it fully, I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn't pick out anything wrong with it. Next step - to try it on. I slipped the coat over my shoulders, buttoned up, arranged the fur collar and took a look in the mirror. And guess what - it wasn't half bad. In fact, it was actually pretty snazzy. Usually I go for fitted clothes, but I actually love how big this coat is. I feel very glamorous and ready for autumn (Fall) and winter in the metallic brown fabric. It's sort of copper pink, so I'll take it.

This lipstick, in case you were wondering, is the beautiful KIKO Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in shade 328 or Rosy Brown. It's the perfect matte for autumn and winter and I wear it almost every day. Go buy it. Now.

And as a bonus, the collar is detachable. Meaning I can remove this faux fur and replace it with my Chouchou Hollyhood Kitty Tartan faux fur instead. This definitely makes up for the fact the coat doesn't have a hood. I'll definitely be using my hood against harsh winds like we've had recently. To see another way I styled my Chouchou, click here.

As I'm sure you can see, my winter coat from Black Market makes me feel like a total queen. And knowing I only spent $10 to feel that way is even more satisfying.

Where is your winter coat from this year?

Photos by Tóra Johannesen

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