A Breath of Fresh Air - Moving to Glasgow and My Fashion Internship

Yup you read correctly.

This Edinburgh lass made the (temporary) move to the west coast to Glasgow city centre three weeks ago. As expected when moving, I was a tad apprehensive but also excited. And I can now happily say I have settled in well to my new living and working situation. Why the move?

Well, for second semester of my third year at university (Fashion Management at Robert Gordon in Aberdeen, remember?), I am undertaking a 12 week work placement in Glasgow. Understandably, I was ecstatic when I discovered I had been selected for my first choice of placement! I am now working as Fashion, Beauty and Interiors Intern for The Herald & Times Group, working within the Saturday and Sunday Herald papers distributed in Glasgow. After just three weeks in the fashion cupboard, I am confident this is the placement for me and am thoroughly enjoying my work and responsibilities. One of my main projects whilst at The Herald is launching and growing the fashion department's presence on Instagram. You can follow us at @theheraldfashion - it would mean the world to me if you show your support!

A Breath of Fresh Air - Moving to Glasgow and My Fashion Internship

Having had to go home to Edinburgh twice already since moving, I haven't had much time to explore Glasgow. I do find it amusing that I have lived so close to Glasgow growing up, yet I really do not know the city at all. So far my time has mainly been spent between work and the gym. This is my first experience of living alone (in a studio) and hence I had no flatmates to force to be my friends. But I have met a few lovely girls in my building who I watched rugby with last weekend - thank you for being so welcoming! My work colleagues are all great forces of creative energy which makes an amazing environment to be in. And I did get to try vegan restaurant and bar Mono with Lisa from my work - the artichoke fritters starter was 10/10. I will be back soon.

Another advantage of living in Glasgow is that my best friend's boyfriend goes to university here, and hence my best friend visits a lot. We have met for dinner once already and are meeting again on Valentine's Day with her boyfriend and his flatmate for pancake night. It's always nice to have a little home away from home, even if it's only an hour away on the bus.

A Breath of Fresh Air - Moving to Glasgow and My Fashion Internship

My first night after moving in, which was also the night before my first day at placement, I did get a little overwhelmed in my new bed. It was just me, alone, in the dark and the quiet. In a new city all over again. I may have had a little cry. But come morning I was raring to go. I am genuinely so excited to experience living alone, dedicating more time to myself, staying in after work and relaxing; journalling, blogging, Netflix binging, reading, drawing, cooking. After overcoming the initial loneliness, I am slowly beginning to enjoy my own company again. It's been a while since I've been totally alone with my thoughts. I'm beginning to remember what I like to do when alone. What I do when no one is watching. And it's actually quite liberating to choose to stay in and get an early night rather than feeling I should go out and socialise every night. I'll definitely have more posts up about how I'm getting on living alone. But so far, I am loving it and am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity.

Last Sunday, a little hungover after the rugby, I decided to take a walk in Glasgow Green. All by myself. Something I do not do very often. I usually always venture outdoors with a friend. But I'd like to try more activities independently and learn to enjoy my own company again, and not to feel like people are watching or judging me when I am alone. This walk in Glasgow Green was important to me. It may seem normal to most people reading or not a big deal, but I really don't do leisurely activities without other people to socialise with at all, unless it is the gym. The afternoon light was beautiful on Sunday. It was the perfect day for a stroll in the park. I had my earphones in with a stripped back lofi chill playlist. For once, I didn't power-walk to get to my destination - because I didn't have a destination. I haven't had that experience in a long while.

I intentionally walked slowly, taking in my surroundings. I did even take my earphones out at one point to listen to the park (usually they're always in). I paused on the bridge and watched the reflections of the sun on the water. I watched the birds flock together in lazy circles. I admired the stunning architecture nearby. I took a breath of fresh air and with it accepted the fact I am moving into another chapter of my life, leaving the last behind, and that this can be an incredible one if I embrace it. I'm not sure if I'll ever be a converted Glasgow girl considering Edinburgh is my home city, but for now it feels so right to be here doing what I'm doing.

It feels so natural, so easy and so calming. My placement has opened my eyes up to a whole other area in the fashion industry, one which may be where I direct my career - can't say for sure yet. But after not a great 2017 (minus Canda) I am just so happy to feel like I am heading in a good direction again. That I am progressing, learning, growing and living how I want to.

I am very excited for the next nine weeks in Glasgow, and I am hoping my creative streak for blogging will grow again alongside the rest of me. Maybe all I needed was a breath of fresh air.

Any recommendations for my time in Glasgow?

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