Trello is an online project management app I use to stay organised for life in general as well as a university student. With lists, cards, checklists and calendars, it's kind of like a digital cork board or weekly planner - but better. So I'm excited to be sharing my tutorial on how to use Trello for optimal productivity and organisation.

Guide to Using Trello for University | Productivity + Organisation Tips

Hello there, if you're looking for Mairi's 7-day vegan meal plan - you're in the right place.

There's just under one week left of #Veganuary, but that doesn't mean you have to stop. Whether you're now convinced to go fully vegan, or want to cut down on your meat and dairy intake going forward, I'm hoping I can provide you with some inspiration for yummy vegan meals to keep you excited about veganism.

Quick Guide to a Vegan Diet + 7-Day Meal Plan

For the past few New Years, I have always set Resolutions. But this year, I'm creating Intentions for myself instead. The difference I understand is that resolutions imply a problem needing fixed, whereas intentions invite a more positive outlook of growth.

For example, Jen at Aim Happy writes:

"The resolution to lose weight is based on dissatisfaction with self, which feels like sacrifice and depends on self-control. [Whereas] The intention to have a healthy relationship with your weight is based on ... acceptance (love), from which positive change feels natural."

I feel over the past year I have achieved a healthier balance of accepting and embracing myself as I am now whilst simultaneously working towards improving myself. And I think intentions greatly support this mindset.

Intentions direct the mind and give us purpose.

New Year's Intentions: Conscious Living

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