Guide to Using Trello for University | Productivity + Organisation Tips

Trello is an online project management app I use to stay organised for life in general as well as a university student. With lists, cards, checklists and calendars, it's kind of like a digital cork board or weekly planner - but better. So I'm excited to be sharing my tutorial on how to use Trello for optimal productivity and organisation.

If you've tried paper planners and just can't work with them (like me), or if you're wanting to make the switch to a digital planner, I'd highly recommend you give Trello a try.

Join me in my quick 10-minute walkthrough guide where I set up my board for this semester, and talk you through how you can too. So set up the video tutorial on your phone or TV, grab your laptop and get ready for a super productive, highly organised and much less stressful semester!

If you liked the video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I am planning on posting a lot more from now on feat. fitness, veganism, productivity, wellbeing and general chats - aiming for every 2 weeks. If you have any requests please comment below or on the video and I'll see what I can think up!

Do you use a paper or digital planner to stay organised?

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